Our adult programming offers women (and men) hands-on, project-based learning experiences that are designed to give beginners the skills and confidence they need to become digital creators.

Our workshops and educational events are open to adults of all ages. Workshops cover everything from introductory HTML & CSS, to WordPress, Python, Ruby, web design and more. They are especially popular and successful because of the 4:1 ratio of students to volunteer instructors at every workshop, which is only possible because of overwhelming support from the technology and startup communities in the cities where we operate.

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Digital Skills for Beginners (Part-Time 7 Week Program) in partnership with codeAtlantic

Enhance your digital and technology skills. Unleash your creative potential.




Digital Skills for Beginners (Part-Time 7 Week Program)

Enhance your digital and technology skills. Unleash your creative potential.




HTML & CSS for Beginners: Build a One Page Website From Scratch

f you are looking to get your feet wet when it comes to programming, then this is the workshop for you!


We offer private workshops!

Ladies Learning Code offers corporate training programs led by industry experts that are customizable to your organization’s needs.

Unleash the creative potential of your team by enhancing their digital skills.

Learn more about private workshops and availability in your city here.

Workshop Style

Hands-on, project-based learning
Learn from industry-leading professionals
A small ratio of students to instructors
A social and collaborative learning environment

The Team

Abena Asomaning
Hamilton Chapter Co-Lead

Alexa Roeper
KW Chapter Lead

Amanda Scriver
Toronto Operations Lead

Angel Cheung Profile Photo

Angel Cheung
Vancouver Operations Lead

Anisa Musmary
Operations Lead

Ardelle Reynolds
Sydney Chapter Co-Lead

Bree Emmerson
Chapter Lead

Brittany Melnyk
Saskatoon Volunteer

Caitlin Jermey
GLC Chapter Lead

Caitlin Tuba
Vancouver Girls Learning Code Chapter Lead

Cassie Rhéaume
Montreal Chapter Co-lead

Chrisanne Daniel
Sudbury Chapter Co-Lead

Christina Jones
Victoria Youth Chapter Lead

Christina Seargeant
Victoria Chapter Co-Lead

Christina Sitkowski

Christina Sitkowski
Chapter Lead - Saskatoon

Christine Whone
Barrie Chapter Lead

Christopher Kolmatycki
Chapter Co-Lead

Courtney Chu

Courtney Chu
Vancouver Operations Lead

Dana Parsons
St. John's Chapter Co-Lead

Darcie Milliken
Calgary Chapter Lead

Deborah Leal

Deborah Leal
Chapter Lead - Peterborough

Denise Pereira

Denise Pereira
Vancouver Operations Lead

Donna Friesen

Donna Friesen
Vancouver Operations Lead

Edward McIntyre
Chapter Co-Lead

Erika LeBlanc

Erika LeBlanc
Montreal Chapter Lead

Erin Athene
Victoria Chapter Co-Lead

Eva Scrimshaw

Eva Scrimsaw
Youth Chapter Lead

Erin O'Neil

Erin O’Neil
Hamilton Chapter Volunteer

Ewuraesi Thompson
Vancouver Chapter Lead

Guillaume Bergeron

Jane Maguire
Ottawa Chapter Co-Lead

Janette Brual
Toronto Operations Lead

Jennie Hook
London Chapter Lead

Jennifer Liu
Halifax Chapter Lead

Jennifer Vlasiu
Ops Lead

Jessica Bredschneider
Kingston Chapter Lead

Jessica Duarte
Director of Adult Programs

Jessica Watson
Winnipeg Chapter Lead

Jill Ferron

Jill Ferron
Ambassadrice - Regina

Jocelyn Phu

Jocelyn Phu
Strategic Volunteer

Jordan Deutsch
Toronto Operations Lead

Josie's Photo

Josie Faccini
Chapter Lead

Juanita Burke

Juanita Burke
St. John's Chapter Lead

Julianne Johnson
Community Manager

Karine Boisvert

Kassandra Lenters
Youth Program Lead

Kathleen Rebic
London Chapter Lead


Kelly Bergeron
Cornwall Chapter Lead

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Meet some of our

& Mentors

Carolyn Marshall
Software Engineer

“I've always loved technology but didn't see it as a career option until I was on what I considered to be a more 'accessible' career path. I quit my job, went back to school, and have been loving IT ever since! I know first-hand that women and girls will only pursue tech as a skill, hobby, or career if they are exposed to it and encouraged. I love helping girls and women of any age realize that they are not only capable of learning to code, but they can be awesome at it! It doesn't hurt that it's a ton of fun too.”

Jessica Duarte
Director of Adult Programs

“I became a web developer thanks to a workshop I took at LLC. LLC changed my life! I have the unique privilege of having experienced LLC as a student, a mentor, an instructor and a member of its accepting community. In each role I have witnessed the same thing: deeply committed individuals putting everything of themselves into teaching a skill that is quickly becoming as fundamental as reading and writing.”

Jeff Andersen

“Working at a local technology company I’ve seen first hand how dominated the industry is by males and want to see that change.”

Angelina Fabbro


“Because I was told for years, in so many ways, to not learn to code by many insecure people who in the end weren’t looking out for me, but for themselves. It was shitty. I’ve seen a lot of other women go through this, and I want to be the person that explains to them that they should do whatever they want, that it’s not hard to start coding, and let people see for themselves just what they are capable of.”

Alex Ruaux
Freelance Web Designer and Developer

“Having been fortunate in the inspiring and supportive people who have helped me get to where I am today, I value the importance of quality face-to-face mentoring and am passionate about helping others experience new things and learn new skills. I also feel strongly that the best way to change the perception of 'coding' as a boring, nerdy and male-only domain is to help open people's eyes to what a wonderful and empowering skill it really is. I'm also passionate about 3D Printing and love spending time tinkering with it at home.”

Rosemary Sanchez

“As a female developer, I feel it is important to make programming an accessible, positive experience for those wanting to learn. Being able to support other females is especially important to me as I want them to feel as empowered as their male counterparts, as both genders can contribute a lot to this industry. It's also a great medium for expression, learning, and building.”

Jeff Jones
Freelance User Experience Designer

“I’m passionate about being creative and being able to work with people to “make cool stuff”, so having an opportunity to teach some of the ways of doing these things to the general public feels great. I’ve taught Front-End Web development in various capacities (and varied topics) at the college level and I love the concept of Ladies Learning Code opening things up to anybody who wants to learn to code a little or see if it is something that will interest them moving forward. So now that I have a little one, I’m more aware of how important it is going to be to make concepts like coding and being creative with tech fun, interesting and inclusive to generations growing up in the middle of all of this tech”

Tammy Lee
Senior Web Developer
Top Draw Inc.

“I'm passionate about advocating women in STEM occupations! I'm also a huge advocate of digital literacy and volunteer on the SMBYEG committee. LLC is a great workshop series and I certainly don't mind helping it out.”

Our Advisors

April Dunford
Rocket Launch Marketing

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At Ladies Learning Code, we’re really grateful to the companies and organizations who appreciate what we’re doing and go out of their way to support us. They help to make what we do possible. Thank you to our awesome Gold- and Silver-level sponsors, and our community partners!

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