You are an idea machine. You think technology is awesome. You want to change the world.

Teen Club

We want to encourage the next generation to take action on ideas that will shape our future while leveraging the power of technology. Our friends at Google are helping to make this possible.

This program for 13 to 17 year old teen girls is much more than learning how to code! Teen Club also about learning problem solving skills, how to turn ideas into reality, exposure to what a future in technology could look like and making friends!

Join the Club

High school students are encouraged to join the Teen Club to be invited to attend technical workshops, industry field trips and volunteer opportunities all year round that will help them to envision and prepare for a future in technology.

What Club Members Are Saying

Teen Club members are given countless opportunities to...

  • Puzzle Pieces

    ...come up with creative solutions to real problems.

  • Lightbulb

    ...turn ideas into reality.

  • Rolling Desk Chair

    ...get exposure to the tech industry.

  • Shaking Hands

    ...gain valuable teamwork and networking skills.

  • Computer Monitor

    ...participate in hands-on tech courses.

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