jQuery for Beginners: Add Interactivity and Effects to Your Website

Join us and add an interactive element to your website!

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  • BYO Laptop
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The Details

JavaScript or jQuery, what’s the difference?

JavaScript is a wildly popular programming language that is used on almost every website. Photo slideshows, Twitter timeline updates and Google auto-complete search terms are just a few examples of JavaScript! jQuery is a library that makes writing JavaScript a breeze.  Not sure what a JavaScript library is? No worries, you’ll get plenty of information about what it is, how to write your own jQuery code and use plugins like this snazzy photo slider: http://flexslider.woothemes.com/thumbnail-slider.html

What will you learn?

jQuery is JavaScript so we’ll start with fundamental JavaScript concepts such as variables and functions.  Also, learn how to use the handy tools like the console, right in your browser. Then we’ll jump into jQuery and learn how to manipulate various elements of a web page and add fancy effects based on different user actions like click and hover. You can even change the CSS and update how your web page looks based on these interactions. We’ll also dive into how to use the Flexslider photo gallery plugin to make your web page even more dynamic.

By the end of the day, your web page will no longer just sit there and look pretty, it’ll also be full of fun interactions!

Lead Instructor

Alex Ruaux

Alex Ruaux

My inner geek reveals itself in various ways. From the huge smile on my face as I watch a lampshade take shape on my 3D printer, to the irresistible urge to tinker with every LED and magnet I see, to getting excited when my latest CSS experiment produces an awesome webpage. I'm curious about how things work and love understanding why. I work as a freelance web deisnger and developer and love using WordPress. Currently I'm teaching myself PHP and Javascript using a variety of online tools.