Building a Web Store with Shopify and Liquid

Looking to get into e-commerce? We’ll equip you with the right tools!

  • For Adults
  • Workshops
  • 6 Hours of
  • BYO Laptop
  • 4:1Student to
    Mentor Ratio

The Details

Shopify’s ecommerce solution already supports over 160,000 stores. Knowing how to customize themes on Shopify gives web designers/developers a desirable set of skills that they can use to grow their business.

Do you want more control over how you show collections on the homepage? Need to show a coupon code for any product that is available in chartreuse and part of the ‘Winter Solstice’ collection?  This workshop will teach you all you need to know to make that happen.

What will you learn?

In this workshop, we’ll discuss how you can use Liquid, Shopify’s nifty templating language, to pull information from your store and alter the webpage layout.  You can also open a free Partner account, which you can use during and after the workshop to work on Shopify projects of your own.

We’ll start with an overview of Shopify’s “theme environment” and best practices that will save you time and effort in your customizations.  From there you’ll learn how to make alternative templates for your store’s products and pages to provide more variety in your store’s look.

By the end of the day, your store will be transformed from an  “out-of-the box template” to a wonderfully unique design.