Our adult programming offers women (and men) hands-on, project-based learning experiences that are designed to give beginners the skills and confidence they need to become digital creators.

Our workshops and educational events are open to adults of all ages. Workshops cover everything from introductory HTML & CSS, to WordPress, Python, Ruby, web design and more. They are especially popular and successful because of the 4:1 ratio of students to volunteer instructors at every workshop, which is only possible because of overwhelming support from the technology and startup communities in the cities where we operate.

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MakerDay with Science Venture + Girls Learning Code + St. Margaret’s School

Do you know a girl intrigued by building and figuring out how things work? This workshop will offer an intro to robotics, electronics, and programming




Kids Learning Code Webmaking with HTML & CSS (Parent/Child) for ages 8-13

Bring a special girl or boy in your life to this workshop and learn about HTML & CSS together!




HTML & CSS for Beginners: Learn to Build a Multi Page Website From Scratch

Join us and build a beautiful multi page website with HTML & CSS!


Ladies Learning Code Victoria - Merit Scholarship Fund

The Ladies Learning Code Victoria (LLC) Merit Scholarship Fund is awarded to women who have attended an LLC workshop and would like to pursue their Computer Science education further in a program of their choice.

LLC Victoria is privileged to be partnering with the following Founding Members of the Merit Scholarship Fund:

  • Metalab
  • How Creative
  • Stocksy United
  • Lighthouse Labs

If you are interested in the Merit Scholarship or would like to attend a workshop, but are unable to cover the cost of registration, please visit http://bit.ly/LLCmerit

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& Mentors

Aurora Walker

“I love being involved with Ladies Learning Code because of the emphasis on the fact that anyone can learn to program - it isn't some kind of magic, or unreachable goal - coding can be done by absolutely anyone. Throughout my career I've always tried to get involved in groups and organizations to help teach people of all ages and backgrounds to use and work with computers, and I've really found that LLC has set the bar high in terms of both accessibility and quality. I find being an LLC instructor to be hugely rewarding. Every time someone approaches me after a workshop and tells me that it was easier and more fun than they thought it would be, I know that its worth all the time and hard work that everyone puts into making these workshops happen.”

Mel Reams

“I mentor at Ladies Learning Code because I love how they make programming accessible to everyone. Growing up, I was enormously lucky in a lot of ways that led to me being able to pursue a career in programming. Not all people, and especially not all girls and women, get the opportunities I've had and Ladies Learning Code lets me pay it forward. I've also learned a lot just by mentoring at workshops, and on a purely selfish level I really enjoy not being the only woman in the room who's interested in tech.”

Pauline Kelly

“For the past 6 years, I’ve been teaching digital skills to adults, both as a volunteer at the James Bay Community Project and privately. I started coding in the UVic Computer Based Information Systems programme and carried on following graduation, taking Coursera courses online. Ladies Learning Code is perfect for me because I can expand my skills as a learner at some of the LLC workshops and my teaching skills as a mentor at others. The informal LLC meetups are fun,great for keeping in the loop and awash with useful information!”

Maria Isabel

“I got involved with Ladies Learning Code because I was looking into starting something similar before I stumbled across LLC. I love what the organization stands for and I enjoy sharing my knowledge and experience with others in hopes of getting them interested in the tech industry. ”

Amanda Beck

“I started mentoring with #llcyyj because I love to share my passion for web development with others. The ‘lightbulb’ moments are what do it for me – people realising they can actually use technology to produce something for themselves (be it a website, an online shop or a resume) and not just be a bystander. Whether that translates to a career or remains hobby doesn’t matter, it gives people the power to make choices. That’s infectious!”

Marie Starck

“I wanted to break the stereotype that science is hard and only for boys. The fact that I made some great friends was an added bonus.”

Bob Warwick

“I love the enthusiasm and collaborative spirit that the LLC students bring. My favourite moment was one of the students struck our on her own to try something off the curriculum, played with it for a while, and eventually announced her victory. The other students crowded around her laptop to see a demo and she taught everyone what she had figured out.”

Erik Beerepoot
Senior Software Development Engineer

“Being present at a watershed moment in the relationship between a person and technology is a privilege I get to enjoy only too seldom. Ladies Learning Code has given me the opportunity to help facilitate those moments in a diverse group of women and girls. From seeing the smile on the face of a girl who just managed to blink her first LED, to seeing the satisfaction of a person for whom programming just “clicked,” LLC is filled with these moments. It helps that everyone who comes to these workshops - volunteers or participants - are awesome.”


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We are pleased to partner with TELUS on our shared goal of digital literacy for women and youth.

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