Our adult programming offers women (and men) hands-on, project-based learning experiences that are designed to give beginners the skills and confidence they need to become digital creators.

Our workshops and educational events are open to adults of all ages. Workshops cover everything from introductory HTML & CSS, to WordPress, Python, Ruby, web design and more. They are especially popular and successful because of the 4:1 ratio of students to volunteer instructors at every workshop, which is only possible because of overwhelming support from the technology and startup communities in the cities where we operate.

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Saskatoon: National
Girls Learning Code Day
Storytelling & Animation

Join us for our 4th Annual Girls Learning Code Day!


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Christina Sitkowski

Christina Sitkowski
Saskatoon Chapter Lead

Marli Bells

Marli Bells
Saskatoon Volunteer


Brittany Melnyk
Saskatoon Volunteer

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Meet some of our Saskatoon

& Mentors

Sarah Etter
Web Developer

“I want to help women feel less like outsiders in the technology field.”

Graham Holtslander
Software Developer
Vendasta Technologies

“I love sharing my knowledge with others, and I love programming. Ladies Learning Code events are a great opportunity for both!”

Matt Horning
Web Developer

“Because teaching someone a new skill to make life better is a great feeling.”

Kim MacKay
Bioinformatics Graduate Student

“I want to help break down the stereotypes associated with computer programming and make it accessible for anyone to learn.”

Kari Halsted
Technical Editor

“ I've enjoyed Ladies Learning Code as a student, as a parent of a student, as a mentor, and as a teacher. It's re-energizing to learn and to be around people who want to learn. I love the moment where you move from being intimidated by how complicated a thing is, to _enjoying_ how complicated it is.”

Elicia Erker
Junior Software Developer
NC Consulting

“I love the excitement as someone sees the effect of their first piece of code, and realizes it's not as difficult as they expected. ”


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We are pleased to partner with TELUS on our shared goal of digital literacy for women and youth.

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